Indus Centre for Innovation

ICI is one of the most prominent business consultancy and technology services companies in Bangalore. As a well-experienced company, we have the potential to foresee the upcoming changes in the market and make upgrades in our business accordingly. We curate valuable services and product development solutions and breakthrough applications with innovative technologies and keeping our clients as our priority. Because of our client-centric approach we successfully marked satisfies customers in our portfolio within four years. We excel in developing web and mobile applications, cloud-based applications, and giving valuable business consultancy.

The Team

Our enthusiastic and skilled team of over 30, including technical and business consultants, constantly exploit latest technologies and work tirelessly to deliver products with unsurpassable performance.

Quality Statement

At ICI, we believe in delivering quality services and products that offer not just maximised efficiency to the client’s business, but a leading edge to outsmart competition.