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CMS development company

CMS or content management system is a convenient platform that allows authorized users to publish images or content on a website easily without knowing PHP. Most of the leading enterprises access CMS websites or blogs. This gives easy maintenance options and provides authorization to multiple users based on the user roles for updating the products, images, and content. ICI offers you excellent websites, blogs, and custom solutions at profitable pricing with the use of advanced CMS tools. All levels of businesses ranging from SMEs to large enterprises are offered CMS development services. There are lots of leading businesses taking their business websites solely on CMS to have complete control over their websites. What are you waiting for?

  • WordPress

    WordPress blogs are prominently used by bloggers and business enterprises. With the use of the WordPress platform, a business or an individual can create a self-hosted blog with a domain name of their choice. Apart from building blogs, you can also create an excellent website by taking advantage of the themes and plugins made available in WordPress.

    Why WordPress

  • Faster navigation: The templates offered by the CMS in WordPress helps in building niche-specific websites with faster navigations.

  • Streamlined workflow: The workflow throughout the WordPress website can be streamlined and it allows you to manage the content more efficiently.

  • Extendability: WordPress allows the developers to build websites with enhanced functionalities and features to provide a greater level of flexibility to the users for publishing the content without making any changes to the design.

  • Easy Update: In WordPress, changes made once will get updated in all web pages by removing the complexity in altering the database.

  • Responsive: WordPress websites are highly responsive to all types of display screens. Even if a user is accessing the page on mobile, tablets, and desktop devices, the experience will remain the same.

  • SEO friendly: WordPress equips the user to enhance the website for search engines to enable the Internet users to find the website easily.