PHP Framework

The perfect PHP and JavaScript Frameworks designed exclusively for your business requirements to create the right web application.

ICI is one of the leading companies which offers a boutique of custom web application services for various industrial verticals and businesses. All levels of businesses ranging from SMEs to high-level organizations are provided with PHP Framework by ICI. As a renowned organization with as many as 15+ years of industrial experience, we build a lasting relationship with our client by serving them with seamless development needs on a stipulated time frame within the budget. To ensure the quality and progress of the application, our expert custom web application developers build your application by adhering to the agile methodology standards.

A pleasant and pleasing user experience and value-added benefits for your business is assured by our services. With the help of constructive coding, excellent UI/UX design, smooth integration and system maintenance support, our expert team is equipped to design a unique custom application. Highly efficient PHP and JavaScript frameworks are also used.

PHP frameworks
  • 01. Code Igniter

    Due to the high demand for CodeIgniter development, we've a team of experts who are proficient in designing highly capable CodeIgniter frameworks. CodeIgniter is an agile open-source PHP framework which is particularly equipped to build dynamic, custom web applications from scratch. Being a complicated technology platform, it provides a wide range of attractive options to write down custom coding for building an efficient custom-made application.

  • 02 .Laravel

    Laravel is the best choice for you if you are in search of a highly secure and quicker web application. It makes the authentication process easier with an effective option to manage the authorization logic and prevent the third-party users from accessing the resources. Laravel features a simple API for mail integration and sends notification across the delivery channels. All common technical vulnerabilities can be fixed with the use of Laravel, making it easier to secure your web application.

  • 03. Cake PHP

    We incorporate web app development in each form. Native website applications and advanced web applications, two of the fast-growing applications, come as a part of the online application market. The usage of proper web apps to satisfy all application functionalities is an important part of web app development.

  • 04. React JS

    ReactJS 1.5, a JavaScript Framework developed by the engineers of Facebook, assists to create the powerful interface for the online applications and write effective JavaScript coding. It helps the developer tools to create a web application of exceptional features. It further helps in program optimization and building effortless test cases.