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The front-end applications are what defines your brand, while the crucial work happens at the backend. The backend development features speed, scalability, and reliability, which is what all the customers of the present world look for. With an insightful, high performing web or mobile application, a brand will not fall behind the requirements of today’s loyal customers’ expectation. Backend developers at ICI are skilled in developing backend systems that are at the core of their expertise. We offer profound, performant functions and infrastructure that acts as the foundation for robust security, class integration and more. Our backend development services ensure that your database, server, and application connect seamlessly to reach efficiency.

Our Expertise
Our Backend Development Services
  • web app development

    Website is crucial for any of your marketing and sales endeavours. We help you develop a fully functional, informative, feature-rich, and eye-pleasing website with our website development services.

  • Mobile app development

    Get ready to stay close to your customers with an outstanding mobile application ready to give your brand a permanent home on your customers smartphone.

  • Laravel Development

    Develop secure and full-feature backend with Laravel which provides great flexibility and lean approach for backend development.
    With the integration of Laravel which provides great flexibility and lean approach for backend development, we create secure and full-feature backend.

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Our Core Services
  • 01. Strategy

    Our strategy involves the operation and the creation of a handy server-side development by assigning senior engineers to execute an appropriate system development with high performance, scalability, portability, and security.

  • 02 .Design

    Integrating all the technology while compromising on the design is not a great idea when it comes to the present market. At ICI, we research and understand the users and plan a design that will win the hearts of the users.

  • 03. Development

    We utilize the best of all programming language, framework, and database management systems to create all the Development projects, including web apps, mobile apps, API development, cloud deployment, etc.ems.

  • 04. Testing

    Apart from testing the UI, testing of backend and database is utmost important for complex solutions and data-sensitivity. Three parts of database testing constituting Structural testing, Functional testing, and Non-functional testing are involved in Backend testing.