React Js

Your web and mobile applications with the world-class User Interface components.

As one of the leading companies developing web and mobile applications, ICI makes use of the best User Interface components. React was created by one of the software engineers who worked at Facebook. The JavaScript library can be used to develop fast, dynamic, and interactive interfaces for mobile and website applications. React JS is highly efficient in developing single web page applications, where the data can reflect instantly. Our team makes use of the prominent JavaScript library for the flawless performance of the application.

It is a component-based, open-Source and front-end library, which is mainly responsible for the application’s view layer. Among other web developers, ReactJS is one of the best JavaScript Frameworks that plays an vital role in the front-end ecosystem.

React JS
  • React JS

    React JS assists in building a powerful interface for the web applications and writing effective JavaScript coding. With the use of the helpful developer tools of React JS, we build an extraordinary web application. It also plays an important role in search engine optimization and building effortless test cases.

  • JSX-JavaScript Syntax Extension

    JSX is the JavaScript syntax extension, HTML or XML syntax that is used by ReactJS. The syntax is employed in JavaScript calls of the framework of React. Making use of JSX, the HTML structure is written in a similar file, which houses the JavaScript Code. With this we can understand and debug the code easily.

  • Components

    The applications created using React JS consist of multiple components which are reusable. Meanwhile, the component has its limitations too. These components help to support the code while you are working on large scale projects.

  • One-way Data Binding

    ReactsJS is designed in such a way that it can support One-way data binding or Unidirectional dataflow. One-way data binding comes with an advantage of providing good control through the application. When the flow of data is in another direction, it needs extra features.

  • Simplicity

    ReactJS makes use of the JSX file that executes the application quickly which helps us understand the code completely. The component-based approach of React JS helps it reuse the code according to the requirements.

  • Performance

    ReactJS is known for its performance and efficiency. It divides the complex user interface into unique elements.